Monday, October 10, 2011

I survived New York!

I got back from a 3 day trip to New York on Saturday night. I has been very worried about how I was going to feel the entire trip seeing that I was so close to next infusion time. Well - happy to report I felt pretty good the entire trip! Only had some pain and discomfort on the last day. So - I questioned myself - how did I do that???

Come to think of it - we really didn't eat much....and we did eat it was sharing a meal. It comes back around to eating less is better on my tummy! Now that I am back home and to my normal routine that is proving harder to keep to. I have to make sure the kids eat as normal as possible and that proves harder for me again. I've already had more stops in the restroom in 24 hours then I did in the 72 hour New York trip!

I hate that - but I guess all in all I can't complain....I survived New York pretty care free...that I what I wished for! I can grin and bear it here at home!

Infusion is in 3 days!!!! Yeah.....time for some good feeling days!

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