Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As the holiday season begins to hit with full force I find myself feeling sorry for myself and my inability to function at the level I desire to. The busier schedules, fuller daily task lists, parties, cookies, baking, wine, over eating, special kid activities.....they all add up to complete exhaustion and aggravated gut!

But - as I was having a pity party in bed last night, I flashed back to how I felt this time last year. 100 times worse than I feel right now! I still managed to get through it all last year and create amazing memories with my family. So - with that ah-ha moment I now move to extreme gratefulness for what I DO HAVE right now!

With all that I have I am going to live in the moment this holiday season. Yes- there will be gut issues, an infusion mid way through it all, Dr's visits, meds to take.....but again - 100 times better than last year!

So for any of you with Gut issues big and small - try to put it all in perspective this Thanksgiving week especially. Save the pity parties for another day because this week will be gone too quickly. We all are here for each other - my amazing family and friends and especially my amazing UC support group! I find strength in everyone of you daily! I am beyond thankful for all the special people in my life who support me during my rough times. It is for those same people that I am choosing a different attitude for the rest of this year for too!

Blessings and prayers to everyone! Treasure Thanksgiving 2011 and all its ups downs and in-betweens! I know I am going to!

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