Monday, March 26, 2012

Money down the drain....literally!

So with the new year starts new deductibles too! January was a shock when I went to pick up my monthly prescription of Lialda - $760! Yickes!!!!! I then called my GI doc and asked for a few samples to help delay the next big hit hoping that some of my other bills would go through so my deductible would be met. I had an infusion in the beginning of february and was simply waiting for Hoag to bill Blue Shield.

Last week I finally saw the Hoag bill went through and now my deductible was off to the pharmacy I went to pick up my Lialda. It was reduced to $360. I was hoping for free but I was $550 away from my max out of pocket for the year still so they only took care of part of it. :(

Anyway - I had to pay again for this month!

Last night I was taking my 4 pills just as I always do after I brush my teeth. One pill slipped out of my hand and down the drain it went! i was so frustrated. After all that I have been doing to make these affordable I go and drop 1 precious pill! That was $6.33 down the drain! UGGGHHH!

Lesson learned - now I will now close the drain plug to my sink!

Just another trial and tribulation to life with UC!

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